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    Rethinking your business to become disruption proof.

    Today every business should challenge it's purpose, it's value proposition and business model to become future-proof. Challenging your purpose and value proposition is necessary in order to be fit and resilient in this fast changing economic timeframe. New value propositions emerge as traditional ones become obsolete. Products and services are becoming increasingly interchangeable. Almost any industry is feeling the urgency. Old handles do not work anymore and straightline thinking stops here. One has to make sure that one delivers meaningful experiences that capture value for clients and all stakeholders.

    Our key activities are:

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    Our economy is dematerialising. Business- and personal values are changing. We share our insights, developments, articles, reports, theses, phd's, about new ways of value creation. We invite you to participate in the dialogue and become engaged at our platform.

    Humanising business_ New forms of Value Creation Tedx-Stenden 2014

    Humanising business slides Tedx Stenden

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