• Experience Economy

    Economy of Experiences

    That part of the economy where the dominant part of the value exchange is immaterial of character.


    To develop new forms of value which create a difference in the world.Challenging your purpose and value propositions is necessary in order to  be resilient in this fast changing timeframe. We work with individuals and organisations to make new value happen. Creating a meaningful future.


    1. Research and publications through our Academic network                         

    2. Professional Education through the Experience Academy

    3. Consulting by our Experience professionals Impactful Solutions

    Guiding principles

    • Thought leadership  
    • Unfolding purpose and meaningful value 
    • Share, collaborate, empower 
    • Accountability to our results
    • Transparency
    • Making complexity understandable
    • Breakthrough orthodoxies

    Community of Experience professionals

    Our economy is dematerialising. Business- and personal values are changing. New value propositions emerge, traditional ones become obsolete. We share research, developments, articles, reports, theses and phd studies about new ways of value creation. We invite you to participate and to contribute to the dialogue;

    Empowering a meaningful future