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    Economy of Experiences sheds light on the fundamental process of change whereby society is currently searching for new forms of value creation. The ‘Experience Economy’ is the first symptom of this process. Businesses and organisations have a larger, more significant role to play in supporting individuals in their search to find their own way and a significant role for themselves. This book describes, step-by-step, the foundations of new forms of value creation and how businesses can avoid the downward escalation of price competition (commoditisation). It starts by placing individuals at the centre of their social context as well as events that are important to them in the world in which they live. In order to facilitate these, we present new business models in which co-creation plays an important role. Concrete design principles are given that can be used as a basis for creating meaningful experiences. Both theory and practice are discussed; numerous cases studies are dissected. The last three chapters focus on practical applications in health care, financial service innovation and developing creative cities.

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    REVIEW by Joseph Pine, Strategic Horizons , Co-author The Experience Economy and Infinite Possibility: Creating Customer Value on the Digital Frontier

    “Economy of Experiences is a great book that extends our ideas -- disagreeing with us on occasion! It pushes forward what we know about today’s Experience Economy, focusing on those that are meaningful and co-created. (In fact, it wasn’t until I read this that I truly understood what ‘co-creation’ was all about.) Anyone looking to create greater value for their customers should absorb its lessons. This wonderful book has many such lessons that anyone seeking to embrace the Experience Economy should embrace.

    Review by prof.Chris Voss London Business School

    Albert Boswijk and his colleagues are the pre-eminent experts in Experience Management in Europe. This book brings all of their knowledge and wisdom together and is vital reading for anyone seeking to create value from experience. Prof. Chris Voss. London Business School

    REVIEW by Chris Parker Founder CoolExperience

    The economy of experiences is upon us... and if you were at all in doubt, then you must read this book. Boswijk, Peelen and Olthof provide an excellent overview of the history of the Experience Economy, and give a lot of insight into what the future might hold. They build on an academic and scientific foundation and bring it together with some wonderful cases. I thought I was very familiar with the concepts of the Experience Economy, but this book took me by surprise a few times, so I would recommend it both for veterans and people just discovering what it is all about.

    REVIEW by Birte Moliere Tourism Queensland AUS, Manager Destination& Market design

    I have now almost finished reading your new book - it is a great and groundbreaking publication, very well written and challenges the status quo! 

    Review by Remy Chadel Professor, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne & Managing Partner, Chadel & Cie 

    I've got your book. I just had a quick look already. Fantastic! You go so much deeper than any other authors on that subject. Your approach inspired my when I wrote my chapter on experience for my book on wealth management.

    Remy Chadel. 

    Review by Dean Marshall Head of LEGO RETAIL

    I received the book this morning & at first glance it looks really good; well done on a great piece of work!

    Review by Einar Kristian Marsøe 

    I am really looking forward to receiving your book - it has already given me such a great value in my work, as well as my studies in taking a BA in Experience & Event Design.

    Back then I regularly rented it from the library, but this book is a must-have for anyone who wants to work in the field of experience management /design. I am a truly admirer!

    Review by prof. Gautam Mahajan President Customer Value Foundation New Delhi India

    I just finished your book. Very impressive. It gives a complete meaning to the experience economy and its importance. Great examples and cases. Perfect for all people who need to experience and help experience