• Who we are

    Transforming Business Value

    Our economy is dematerialising. Business- and personal values are changing. New value propositions emerge, traditional ones become obsolete.

    We facilitate exploration and navigate through societal shifts and new economic developments, which will be key for organisations to explore in order to create a meaningful future. We invite you to (re)define your purpose( your why) and help to unlock and mobilise the experience value in your organisation by co- creating new value propositions for your stakeholders. Offering insights and solutions to the changing ways to engage customers and to develop new eco systems to be able to deliver the maximum value for customers ánd your organisation.

    Encouraging the development of high performance cultures, based on the development of (new) competences and a talent based organisation which are key in the new competitive environments.

    Exploring and co-creating new and innovative revenue models and cost structures in order to be fit for the future. We are

    1. A leading knowledge platform of experience professionals;
    2. Offering professional education and inspiration on business innovation and new forms of value creation in our Experience Academy;
    3. Offering advisory services and execution of our strategies;
    4. Offering exploitation of the value propositions we helped to create;

    We share developments, articles, reports, theses and phd studies. We invite you to participate in the conversation and contribute to the dialogue;

    Our guiding principles;

    • Thought leadership; Inspire, accelerate, being ahead                                                                          
    • Sharing, collaboration and empowerment for all stakeholders
    • Accountability to our results
    • Transparency
    • Making complexity understandable
    • Committed to unfolding purpose and  the meaningful value 

    The European Centre for the Experience and Transformation Economy was founded in 2000, initiated by prof.Rik Maes(Faculty of Economics, Academy for Information and Management University of Amsterdam) , Joseph Pine( Strategic Horizons) and founder and director Albert Boswijk(Albert Boswijk Consultants). The European Centre has been part of the PrimaVera Research program of the University of Amsterdam for more then 10 years. The European Centre co-funded with the University of Amsterdam the Phd. Research of J.C.M.Snel: For the Love of Experience  2011 http://dare.uva.nl/record/390030

    Advisory Board

    Joseph Pine


    Albert Boswijk, 

    Associated Partners

    Steven Olthof, prof. Ed Peelen, & Conny Dorrestijn

    Executive consultants

    • André Bolland
    • Martijn Steur

    Associated (Certified) Experience professionals

    • Ir.Bert Krikke ( 4 the City) . Creating long time sutainable value for cities and organsations is 'the driving force’ of my activities;
    • Chris Parker. Coolexperience. Chris Parker is an internationally experienced leader, manager and consultant in the areas of Business Technology, Customer Experience and Organisational Dynamics. He is passionate about improving customer experiences with a blend of common sense and advanced technology;
    • Huub Esten Beheer, Breakthrough in business performance by emotionally engaging customers, employees and society. Seasoned management consultant ;
    • Martijn Arets; Brand Expedition  Founder at Institute for the Collaborative Economy & Brand Expedition, speaker, author, driven by intellectual curiosity ;
    • Ian van der Pool, NHTV Facility Management Imagineering;
    • Annita Beijsen; CEO User XP design Leuven . u-sentric is specialised in U X Design research - for product and service design;
    • Wiro Kuipers;  Strategic consultant & creative facilitator, working on purpose, clarity, playfulness and brave ideas Wiro Kuipers | Ons Idee;
    • Kim van der Leest; Triple E. Green oasis for every generation. Nature as a source of inspiration
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