• Clients and testimonials

    Clients and testimonials

    I visit reguraly refreshing courses for professors at Harvard or ISE. This is way way better, more profound, way more relevant content, the selection of speakers is 10 times as good. This is really different” Prof.J.Serrano Barcelona

    Thanks you for being part of our fabulous learning journey organised by Richard Hames back in March 2010 in Amsterdam.  The group from NAB fondly recall the great experiences and places (particularly the eateries!) that you organised for us.  While quite different to Australian banking, it has definitely forced us to think about what we can do to change banking into a series of experiences and interactions, rather than transactions


    Our clients


    Philips International 
    Philips International 


    Koninklijke ten Cate
    Johnson Controls
    TUI Nederland
    Cap Gemini
    Ross Systems

    PcM Uitgevers
    PcM Uitgevers

    Amsterdam RAI
    DAS Rechtsbijstand 
    DAS Rechtsbijstand


    Microsoft Systems
    Gunter & Meuser



    Koninklijke Maison van den Boer Groep


    Detailed overview of projects

      Typering Jaar
    Clienten/Projects ECEE   Type project
    NATIONAL AUSTRALIAN BANK aus Exploring experience economy and new concepts
    Amsterdam RAI Nl Customer journey en customer experience measurement
    ACHMEA Innovation NL Window on shifts in society 
    LEASEPLAN NL Workshops met Joe Pine (customer XP) and Venkat Ramaswamy about co-creative value
    SPRING SINGAPORE SA Key Note and workshops for SME's in SI, retail en healthcare focus
    EUROPEAN COMMISSION EU Key note Lecture Value creation through Experience and Value capture
    ACADEMIA BARILLA Parma IT Brainstorm and lecture workshop; value creation through Experience
    APO Asian Productivity Organisation JA 3 Day workshop how to increase productivity in the experience ec domain
    PHILIPS DESIGN INT Key note  Stefano Marzano cs
    LEGO DK Workshop;  Online experience value
    HEINEKEN NL Workshop for Heineken Academy Experience value en Heineken XP
    HEINZ FOODSERVICE INT Research food experience on Dance festivals
    HELIXER NL Key note  innovation in water
    ID&T NL Development of customer journey of the dance lover,sensation white, case study 
    Oxfam Novib NL Research on Oxfam Novib Experience on Lowlands and Mysteryland
    SEALAND REGION DK DK Key note on regional touristic development in Sealand Denmark
    AGRO &CO Nl Key note value creation for regional Brabant products
    INITIATIVA JOVEN( EU Commision) ES Key Note  value creation and regional development
    E-CULTURA ES Collaboration redestination of historic cultural heritage 
    MICROSOFT NL Research and advise on Resellers; evaluation of marketing engines form push to pull
    SCHIPHOL AIRPORT AMSTERDAM NL Development passenger journey landside 
    SENAC BRASIL BR Key note internationaal conference University of SaoPaulo  Xp Economy
    KPMG NL Workshops for Summer schoolValue Innovation and experience economy
    MAISON VAN DEN BOER NL Development of customer journey for events and management consulting
    PICNIC Crossmedia NL The power of co creation/ New urban Experience
    PURE LIFE EXPERIENCES UK Key note International conference  unique destinations( Pure life experiences)
    KAIROS FUTURE SE Key note and workshop  Futurising and value creation
    REGIONMIDTIYLAND DK Key note regional touristic development in REGIONMIDTIYLAND Denmark
    KAOS PILOTS DK Case study, lectures, collaboration
    CFS GROUP NL Developing service experience concepts for de facility service industries
    CORAM NL innovation in the field of home care, sustainability
    SEALSKIN NL innovation in the field of home care, sustainability
    SIMI DK DK Key note  alumni Copenhagen business school
    INVENTI B Workshop Value innovation Clients Inventi( o.a) RABO
    EUROPEAN COMMISSION EU Value Creation and regional development
    TRANSFORMA ES B2B value creation
    GROENE HART ZIEKENHUIS NL Research and paper on Patient experience and development patient journey
    REINIER DE GRAAF GROEP NL Development of criteria for patient centric environments 
    GUNTERS & MEUSER NL Strategic redesign and development online retail strategie
    BRABANTWATER NL Support management innovation in the field of water management, see Helixer
    SCOPE NL Innovatie of value propositions to the B2B market,customer journey
    Unit 4 NL New forms of value propositions, customer journey
    PROBIBLIO NL Strategic redesign , the future of libraries
    ANNE FRANK HOUSE NL Development of visitor journey see case study
    AVIODROME NL Development Business case and future for Aviation Heritage and museum
    CODA NL Strategic plan for survival  museum, library and archive
    UNIVERSITEIT VAN AMSTERDAM NL PHD study, the integrative theory of Experience
    MASTER IN HOSPITALITY NL Lecture and worshops for master hospitality, experience safari's
    ROC AMSTERDAM NL Innovating education
    HOGESCHOOL ROTTERDAM Nl Key note and lectures on value creation and innovation
    IN HOLLAND Nl Key noet on value creation, innovation and co creation
    METRICS AND MORE NL Workshop value creation for UWV
    5TH ELEMENT SINGAPORE SA Lectures and workshops for SME's in SI, retail and healthcare focus
    EVENTEX NL Key note  event management and exprience economy
    KENNEMERWAARD LIBARY NL Strategic redesign, development customer journey on/offline
    Library Haarlem NL How to engage customers and prospects
    Airport Library Probiblio NL The Future of the Airport Library without subsidee