• How to become customer centric

    To become a customer centric organisation you need to completely redesign your organisation outside in. A lot of organisations believe that a gimmick to attract the customer is enough to keep your customers. On the contrary, people are very sensitive and see through window dressing. 

    The ultimate ambition is to reach the customer in such a way that he experiences; "hier is over nagedacht", the organsiation did some deep thinking about this in order to serve their customers best.

    The ultimate goal is to design and structure your  organisation outside in in such a way that there is;

    1) a consistent service concept ,

    2) processes designed in such a way that they help to create a pleasant experiences to do business with you,

    3) attentive en pro-active behaviour of your employees, no exaggeration! (people are no puppets, neither fools)

    4. That you keep being innovative

    5) that you know very well where and at what places you make your margin and where revenue streams are located and how the cost structures are set.