• Value Creation by Experience In-Company


    The purpose of this transformative journey is to

    rethink opportunities in our rapidly changing economic landscape. Strive for the higher purpose, reshape your business value and create meaningful value propositions leading to innovative business models.

    Exponential innovations causes ruthless changes

    in our economic landscapes.

    The impact of the digital revolution, the process of dematerialisation hits us harder and deeper then we realise.

    The new competitive reality is tough and relentless. One answer is to develop engaging meaningful value propositions.

    Ask yourself;

    Is your organisation fit & future proof?

    Is your organization robust to endure disruptions?

    Do you have a key to address millenials & traditionals?

    Do you have the vision and leadership competences

    to prepare your organisation for the next level?

    Are you a fundamental leader?

    This annual course started back in 2003. Today this

    course is attracting international companies & participants

    from all over the world who take their change to become transformationeel change agents in their field or even

    to become disruptive in their own industry. At present you are able to create your own content, modules & guest lecturers.

    Coaching by ‘seasoned ‘ top professionals, and young

    upcoming talent that will navigate you through the

    landscapes of contradictions. You will be immersed

    by thought provoking lectures, group work, your

    case study, business safaris and personal coaching.

    Create your own fundamentals of Economy of Experiences. Compose your own content and timing. Co create this transformative learning journey

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    01 time.month.0 2018 22:45

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