• Reinvent Retail


    Workshop Reinventing Retailing two days March 22-23 Aarhus in Collaboration with AdventureLab360.DAY 1

    (Strategy day)

    1. Introduction Economy of Experiences – Retail perspective

    2. Learn about the new customer, their needs, habits, and about the new media.

    3. Experience Value Proposition

    4. Experience Business Model

    Business Experience Objectives/ Mission Innovation

    DAY 2

    (Design day)

    5. Creating Valuable spaces (Placemaking)

    6. Hybrid Customer Journey Mapping. Before / During / After

    7. Leadership, culture and Organisational buy-up and down

    8. Individual Practical Approach Begin your own process

    Follow-up call in 2 months KP

    The day ends with participants having an initial plan of the changes and solutions they want to implement in their businesses.

    22 March 2018 09:30
    23 March 2018 17:00

    This event is free of charge for members

    Guests & Non members

    No guests allowed at this event


    Aarhus DK