• Experience Industry Challenge 2020


    AdventureLAB presents EIC2020 – a full-day event for retail professionals, based on productive collaborative work on the challenges of retail, guided by world-class experts in Experience Economy – Joe Pine and Albert Boswijk!

    Experience Industry Challenge 2020 is a collaborative event taking place in Copenhagen in April 2020. It will gather retail professionals to work together to face the challenges currently present in the retail industry. These challenges include the shortening lifecycle of retail stores, rising competition with online stores, and unmet customer expectations. Leading experts in the Experience Economy will participate and share their knowledge and insights on the matter

    24 April 2020 08:30
    24 April 2020 20:00

    This is event is not free of charge

    € 1350.00

    Guests & Non members

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    € 1350.00