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    We will organise the 6th international version of our 10-day RESHAPE Accelerator program. This program will give you deep insight and understanding of the impact of Societal Changes & Exponential Innovations on your business and how to manage the necessary changes in your organisation. We will teach you in depth how to cope with Deep change processes and to work with our 5 step model of Value Creation & Business transformation;

    In this 10-day RESHAPE program, you will meet top lecturers like Prof.Wim de Ridder (Future Studies), prof. Christiaan Jantzen Aalborg University about the Meaning of Experience. The CEO of YAYS Peter Heule and Nudging expert Pelle Guldborg Hansen Assistant professor at Roskilde University Centre in Behavioral psychology and founder of the iNudgeYou network;

    The relevant themes addressed are;

    Structural changes in society and exponential innovations;

    The Psychology of Meaning and Experience;

    Experience technologies;

    How to create a High Performing Positive Organisation;

    Business model innovation;

    The Reshape program is about Reshaping Business & Social Value. Discovering your highest purpose; Every business & organisation should challenge its purpose, its value proposition, and business model to become future-proof in this digitalised age.

    25 April 2018 09:00
    26 April 2018 18:00

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