• Transformative experiences

    Albert Boswijk

    11 months and 1 week

    Transformative experiences

    Transformative experiences are experiences that change or changed your life. These could be intended and voluntary of character. When asked to share their life changing experiences a lot of people talk about the unexpected- and involuntary character of these experiences. It is like “outside forces” or external conditions that trigger these experiences.

    Can lifechanging experiences be staged?

    The answer is no, They may be encouraged or facilitated but can never be staged.

    Experiences that change our view, our perspective on the outside or on our inside world, on the way we handle relationships influence and change our behaviour. We call these experiences learning-and/or meaningful experiences. (Erfahrung)

    “Trigger experiences” are experiences that are evoked by unexpected situations or by our senses like a scent from our youth or emotional loaded situations, full of memories of the past or situations in the present. Trigger experiences can make us happy or unhappy and remind us of unfinished business. Trigger experiences can be evoked .

    The type of transformative experiences are

    The building blocks of transformational experiences are;

    • Usually unexpected

    • Deep emotionally engagement

    • Sense of Wonder

    • Inherently personal and unique

    • They have a beginning and ending

    • Deep insights, reframing and resulting in changing behaviour

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