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    Albert Boswijk

    8 months and 3 weeks

    The Visionaries of Meaning and Psychology by Chip Conly

    Visionaries of the Meaning Economy is an interview series by Manuel Maqueda that explores how meaning is transforming the economy, and our future. This interview features serial entrepreneur and SVN member, Chip Conley, Head of Global Hospitality at AirBnB.

    Joie de Vivre, joy of life, is the name –and the mission– of the company that has made Chip Conley rich and famous –but it may as well be his personal motto, too. The playful spark in Chip’s eyes tells the story of a man who has journeyed from being a maverick founder and CEO in the boutique hotel industry to becoming sort of the mojo-keeper at AirBnB –all while nurturing a close affiliation to notable icons of Californian hippy culture, such as Esalen and Burning Man. In fact his passion for collective manifestations of joy has led him to create Fest300, an online guidebook to international festival culture. It is in the field of social business, however, where Chip Conley has earned a place as a thought leader: he has authored several books on emotional intelligence and well-being in business, and has become a prominent figure in the conscious capitalism movement.

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