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    Albert Boswijk

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    City Buzz

    As a journalist writing for Haaretz daily newspaper in Tel Aviv – Israel - I am now writing an article about Buzz cities and tourism. I have read with great interest in your web site about city buzz.

    it would be very interesting for me if you could answer the following 3 questions by email. Your answers will be quoted in my article‫.‬‬

    1.Can we name what are the "ingredients" of a city buzz?‬‬

    2. Can a city "order" or "plan" a buzz?‬

    3. Will tourism always benefit from a city buzz‬?

    We have been studying and working on the value drivers of City Attractiveness. We have been publishing a book the Economy of Experiences.3rd Ed( 2013 European Centre for the Experience Economy). In chapter 11 we describe the value drivers of the Creative City where we argue that;

    Cities are experience spaces par excellence. Cities have always been breeding grounds for creativity due to the diversity of their inhabitants and the many spontaneous meetings that take place. Small creative businesses have a greater chance of surviving in cities than anywhere else: they find a place in an old, unused workplace, factory or office, and they find a larger and diverse market. This is what makes every city a unique location.

    Many organisations publish city indexes and ranking for different motives but mainly for attracting businesses and tourists. The mainstays for city attractiveness can be identified in 5 perspectives;

    Lots of City indexes have parameters that score city attractiveness. What is often lacking in these indexes is an integrated balance between innovation and business environment (flexibility) versus technological maturity and infrastructure and Governance (control). On the other hand, the Social-Cultural community, the dimension of Human Talent versus Business Productivity and City Wellness

    1. Innovation& business environment, investment climate, ease of starting business; versus

    2. Geographic location, infrastructure, institutions, transparent policy

    3. Talent pool & Human Capital, higher Education, Top universities and cultural climate versus

    4. Financial health; BNP Cost of living etc.

    5. City attractiveness, social and cultural innovation. Cultural heritage and City wellness.

    To come to your questions;

    1. The above mentioned 5 perspective are value drivers and can be leading to a city buzz as a result. They are the DNA of the City buzz.

    2. It is the balance between the polarities as described that may evoke a city buzz. A city buzz cannot be planned. It is an integrated attempt of the City council to manage the character of the city.

    3. Healthy and dynamic and alive cities are always attractive to business people and visitors or tourists. But they need to managed.

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