• Susanne Piët in Memory

    Albert Boswijk

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    Susanne Piët in Memory

    Thoughtleader, psychologist, author & consultant is no longer with us. Dr. Susanne Piët (14-11-1947/18-02-2020). Susanne Piët laid the groundwork of the Emotion Economy. She wrote several books, the Emotion Market (2004), The Emocode(2006),  Moodmanagement (2010), The Kick(2011), Egolution (2014)and her last work For the Time Being (2018). She studied at the University of Amsterdam(promotor prof.Nico Frijda) with  a motivational Study; the Pay-off of Anxiety (het Loon van de Angst. 

    Her work has been a great contribution the the deeper understanding of emotions and experiences. We are proud and grateful that Susanne contributed many times to our executive courses Value Creation by Experiences. If you search for deeper understanding in the construct of Experiences, do read her work. 

    Susanne Piët describes in her publication Egolution( 2014) 8 stages of the Emotion Economy;

    1)The Infant stage (horizontal oriëntation,lounging, hugging);

    2) Children stage(play and explore, searching for kicks, entertainment, amusements parks, tourism, partying);

    3) Differentiation of mine and yours.(Materialism without limits or consciounce, shopping as a trend, greed, jealousy, competing);

    4) Social stage (relationships, social media) 

    5) Adolescence stage (rebelliousness, mistrust,, identity, emo code, make-over, internet profiles Facebook, instagram, designing identity or copy);

    6) Adult stage ; (Responsibility, accountability, guilt, penalty, respect self steering, bartering, sharing,  independence, outside orientation ,creating, love, collaboration);

    7) The Modern elder (caring as key: energy, education, food, sustainability Caring society, Empathy  Anticipating , caring for the future);

    8) Conscience stage  (solve moral and ethical dilemmas , revival of empathy & sympathy as a societal structural mechanism, moral priests). The ambition to live a good life and be a good person. Revival of core values, modesty, soulfulness, wisdom.

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