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    Albert Boswijk

    2 years and 9 months

    Experience-led Transformation in Today’s Experience Economy by Joe Pine

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, many sectors of the global economy have been devastated. And it is those enterprises firmly in the Experience Economy – eg, bars & restaurants, theatres, sporting events, museums, malls and the high street, and especially tourism, including not just destinations but airlines, hotels, ride companies, and so forth – that have been most hurt, for it is precisely in such places where people gather outside of home, work, and place of worship. But that does not mean it’s the end of the Experience Economy! Far from it. People are social beings and will always crave social experiences where they are with and around fellow human beings. Buying experiences, as research shows, still makes us happier than buying things. And the time of individual human beings is still the most precious resource on the planet.To read the complete article here https://www.rightpoint.com/landing-pages/transformation-in-the-experience-economy

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