• The Economy of Meaningful Experi...

    Albert Boswijk

    1 year and 6 months

    The Economy of Meaningful Experiences 5ed

    The Economy of Meaningful Experiences sheds light on the fundamental process of change whereby society is currently searching for new forms of value creation. The Experience Economy’ is the first symptom of this process. Businesses and organisations have a more significant role to play in the quality of life by supporting individuals in their search to find their own way and a significant role for themselves. This book describes the foundations of new forms of value creation in five steps and how businesses can avoid the downward escalation of price competition by commoditisation and how to humanise business.

    It starts by placing individuals at the centre of their social and cultural context as well as events that are important to them in the world in which they live. In order to facilitate these, we present new business models in which co-creation plays an important role. Concrete design principles are given that can be used as a basis for creating meaningful experiences. Both theory and practice are covered; numerous new case studies are dissected. The last two chapters cover practical applications in healthcare and how to develop vibrant cities. The book is supported by the website: experience-economy.com

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