• Transformative Experiences

    Albert Boswijk

    8 months and 2 weeks

    Transformative Experiences

    Transformative experiences are experiences that will forever alter the person who undergoes them. These experiences are transcendent, they dissolve belief structures, and change your preferences, self-image, attitudes, values, and behaviour. The only way to know it is to have it yourself(L.A.Paul 2014)

    The transformative experiences could happen on different levels; Personal, social, organisational and societal. The key question is, are transformative experiences intentional or unintentional. To me, transformative experiences will happen by serendipity. Is it possible to plan a transformative experience for yourself in the near future? I believe you can facilitate and create environmental conditions to make it more likely that transformation will take place. But the moment of transformation can not be planned, nor steered. It will happen when you do not expect it.

    Instead of staging and planning transformative experiences we can create "spaces". From staging to spacing.

    Read more; Economy of Meaningful Experiences 5th ed ,Albert Boswijk,Ed Peelen, Steven Olthof.2021

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